STANDARD REPLACEMENT EXHAUST- Many of our customers enjoy having a fancy tailpipe and an exhaust that produces a deeply satisfying rumble. We love fitting them too but a stainless steel exhaust is about more than just sound or aesthetic appeal.  You don’t have to own a high performance to enjoy the benefits of one of our stainless steel standard replacement systems.

At Longlife, we offer a standard replacement option too. Replacement exhaust systems made to Longlife exacting standards that have durability assured complete with a lifetime of ownership guarantee. That means you’ll never have to worry about replacing your stainless steel exhaust again. No matter how many miles you clock up.

It also adds to the value of your car when you sell or part exchange it in future.  Eurosport Exhaust systems can cost up to 70% less than the O.E.  dealer exhaust system.


Many custom-built exhaust systems are defined by the amount of noise they produce. At TGS Eurosport exhausts you get to choose how your car will sound. Before we design your individual exhaust system, we will find out exactly what you want. Based on how you intend to use your car.

We’ve developed a wide range of silencers built on site. If you want a quieter exhaust, that is what we will build and fit to your vehicle.