Classic and Vintage Vehicles

Classic and Vintage Vehicles TGS eurosport Exhaust systems.

Rolls-Royce Wraith example of Classic and Vintage Vehicles

At TGS Eurosport Exhausts, we know that Classic / Vintage Vehicle owners like to look after their precious vehicles, and refuse to cut corners or compromise on quality when it comes to getting every last detail just right.

Our highly skilled fitters have the same attitude and take great care in designing a bespoke reproduction exhaust system that will not only match the original part on your vintage or classic car, but deliver enhanced overall performance including better fuel economy.

Classic and Vintage Vehicles

More about TGS Eurosport Exhausts and Classic and Vintage Vehicles

Over the years, our experienced teams have designed and built new exhaust systems for a wide range of classic and vintage models, revered marques such as Rolls Royce, Daimler, Bentley and Jaguar. We appreciate the workmanship that went into building these vehicles originally, and have the same level of application and attention to detail in what we do in our modern workshops today.

We also build reproduction exhausts for younger classic cars – all makes and models, in fact – and apply the same standards of excellence to them that we know our customers demand.

When you choose TGS Eurosport Exhaust you are choosing a company that deliverers every time we manufacture every exhaust silencer in house we also serial each exhaust system providing full tractability and a lifetime guarantee on the life time of your ownership*.

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For the individual who can handle a welder and is skilled in fabrication why not take a look at our great range of exhaust components and silencers, we offer everything from camps, slip joints and custom cad cut flanges to customer specifications.

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Our top picks of Classic and Vintage Vehicles

  • Jaguar E-Type.
  • Chevrolet Corvette. …
  • Lamborghini Miura. …
  • Porsche 911. …
  • Rolls-Royce Dawn Drophead. …
  • Mercedes SL 300 Gullwing. …
  • Ferrari 250 GTO. …
  • Aston Martin DB4.

What qualifies Classic and Vintage Vehicles

What qualifies a car as a classic?A classic car is an older automobile; the exact definition varies around the world. The common theme is of an older car with enough historical interest to be collectable and worth preserving or restoring rather than scrapping. Cars 20 years and older typically fall into the classic class. Source wikipedia.

United Kingdom and Classic and Vintage Vehicles

There is no fixed definition of a classic car. Two taxation issues do impact however, leading to some people using them as cutoff dates. All cars built over 40 years ago are exempted from paying the annual road tax vehicle excise duty. HM Revenue and Customs define a classic car for company taxation purposes as being over 15 years old and having a value in excess of £15,000.[19] 

Additionally, popular acclaim through classic car magazines can play an important role in whether a car comes to be regarded as a classic but the definition remains subjective and a matter of opinion. The elimination of depreciation can be a reason for buying a classic car and picking ‘future classics’ that are current ‘bangers’ can result in a profit for the buyer as well as providing transport. An immaculate well cared for prestige model with high running costs that impacts its value, but is not yet old enough to be regarded as a classic, could be a good buy, for example.[20]

During the Great Depression, in Britain many small companies started in the post World War I boom failed or merged leaving six major manufacturersMorrisAustinStandardSingerFord of Britain, and General Motors Vauxhall. A similar boom-and-bust cycle was seen in mainland Europe.

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